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Content Creation, IP Advisory, Talent & Strategy Services 

Barbara Fedida's experience as a media executive and journalist with a track record in casting, e-commerce and business strategy uniquely positions her as a leader in understanding today's consumer focus as well as the digital present and future.  


As the founder of the Casablanca Strategy Group, she is sought after by a wide variety of businesses and individuals who are looking to unify cross-functional teams and ideas to serve communities and drive revenue.  In addition to inspiring creativity and unlocking untapped potential, Barbara Fedida is known for her problem solving abilities and wise counsel. Her depth of experience and broad network developed over decades in media allow her to bring clients unparalleled opportunities.


Barbara Fedida is an award-winning media executive who works at the intersection of journalism, sports, fin-tech, entertainment and culture. She understands how they are interconnected and how to leverage their influence for the benefit of her clients.


Content Creation

Strategy Counsel

IP Advisory


Digital Media


Brand Building

Talent Spotting & Whispering


Team Building

Barbara Fedida is an expert at leading through disruption, organizational development as well as cultivating and developing fresh talent & ideas.  

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New York consulting firms:
Media, Content Creation, Talent & Strategy 

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