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Barbara Fedida

Founder, Casablanca Strategy Group

Prior to founding the Casablanca Strategy Group, an IP advisory and consulting firm, Barbara Fedida was Senior Vice President for Talent, Editorial Strategy and Business Affairs at ABC News. In that role Fedida was responsible for developing and executing ABC News’ strategic vision and planning for the next generation of both on-air and off-air talent. She was responsible for hiring, developing and placing all anchors and correspondents for ABC News programs and bureaus worldwide. Additionally, she supervised all editorial recruiting, hiring, growth, inclusion and development opportunities. Barbara was also interface to all the other divisions of the Walt Disney Company to leverage assets in order maximize impact across the company.

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Barbara Fedida
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Barbara Fedida is an award-winning media executive who works at the intersection of journalism, sports, finance, entertainment and culture. She understands how they are interconnected and how to leverage their influence for the benefit of her clients.

Barbara is an expert at leading through disruption, branding, organizational development as well as cultivating and developing fresh talent and ideas.

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  • Content Creation

  • Strategic Counsel

  • IP Advisory

  • E-commerce

  • Digital Media

  • Streaming

  • Brand Building

  • Talent Spotting & Whispering

  • Marketing

  • Team Building

Media, IP Advisory Content Creation, Branding, Talent Advisory and Business Strategy

Barbara Fedida is a television executive, media consultant and award-winning journalist. She is the founder and principal of Casablanca Strategy Group (CSG), an advisory firm serving media and business clients. 

Barbara Fedida is your go-to consultant, specializing in helping businesses navigate today's complex and ever-changing landscape. Drawing on her experience working for some of the most prominent consulting firms in New York, Barbara offers bespoke services to help your business achieve sustainable growth and stay competitive. Contact Barbara today to learn more.

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